Question: What is included in the price I pay?

The prices you pay for our motorcycles include: Fully Comprehensive insurance, breakdown recovery, luggage (as required). Safety approved motorcycle helmets and gloves also available if required, free of charge.

Question: What do I have to pay extra for?

Motorcycle boots, jackets and waterproof over trousers are all available for hire fee £10.00 - We also have Sat Nav / Iphone holders @ £5.00, Bluetooth Rider to Rider coms @ £35.00 per unit and TomTom Rider 40 Sat Nav @ £35.00 - Please ask about these items upon booking. You may also be asked to pay a little extra for excessive mileage (see mileage limits). 

Question: Is there a mileage limit?

We do set a mileage limit which is averaged out over the hire period equal to 250 miles per day, so a two day hire will see you with a 500 mile limit. The main reasons for imposing this limit are: Rider safety, Mechanical sympathy and Tyre wear, with depreciation of a vehicle's value also taken into account. This is not a strict limit and more a guideline by which we would like you to go by.

Question: Can I take the bike abroad?

We do permit our bikes (sidecars excluded) to be taken abroad, however there is a small additional charge for this of £30.00, which contributes to the European Breakdown cover and fee for VE103 form. However please note that countries outside of the EU are not covered by our insurance & breakdown policies, so if you wish to go beyond the boundaries of the EU you will need to first discuss your plans with us.

Question: What are the rider requirements?

Full licence holders with a full UK licence may hire any of our bikes subject to meeting the minimum age and licence category required and provided you have had a full vehicle licence of sorts for at least two years.

Foreign riders must have held a full motorcycle licence in their own country for at least two years. Although an IDP (International Driving Permit) is not required in all cases, in some cases we will request this due to the way in which licences are issued in some foreign countries. Please call or email first as it can make the booking process easier.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Photocard Licence you will also be required to produce a "Check Code". If you still have the old style paper licence you will need photographic ID such as your passport and again we will require a "Check Code". Feel free to ask us on how to obtain the check code.

Question: Can I still hire if I have points or convictions on my licence?

Usually if you have no more than 6 points on your licence then hiring a motorcycle from us is not an issue. Depending on convictions and when the offence was committed then there can be some flexibility (this is however subject to underwriters approval). In all cases, we should be notified of any points and/or convictions upon booking, failure to do so may lead to your hire being cancelled with out refund.

Question: What is the security deposit?

The £500.00 security deposit is a payment required before hire may commence. How you wish to pay for this is up to you but Debit/Credit card or Cash is preferred. If you wish, you may leave you car as security (with keys and log book). It is purely to safe guard our investment and to cover the cost of the insurance excess (in the event of an insurance claim) or damage caused to the bike whilst in your care, it is however a fully refundable deposit provided the bike is looked after.

Question: What happens if I have an accident?

If you are involved in an accident or the bike is damaged whilst in your care, the security deposit you pay will be kept by us and will contribute towards the cost of repair or cover the insurance excess charges in the event of a full insurance claim. In the event of an accident (where you are at fault) you may also be charged a recovery fee. Where the cost of repair is less than the deposit you will be refunded the difference. If you are not at fault and the third party insurers admit liability and pay for the damage and losses occurred as a result of the accident, then your security deposit will be refunded to you in full.

Question: Where is the nearest Train Station?

For collection from Okehampton: Exeter St Davids is the closest and easiest one to arrive at if you are looking to hire from our Okehampton depot, with a Bus service (approx £7.00) and Taxi services (approx £35.00) to Okehampton.

For collection from Paignton: Train services regularly arrive and depart from Paignton itself and we are a very short bus journey on the Number 12 bus heading to Torquay (Stop near Eden Vauxhall in Preston).

Question: Do you have somewhere I can park my car?

We have FREE parking available at our Okehampton depot where you are more than welcome to leave your car. We do ask that you leave your keys with us so that we can move the vehicle if necessary. As for our Paignton depot we are unable to offer FREE on site parking at this moment in time, although there are plenty of car parks to choose from and we can help find you FREE on the road parking nearby.